Best Ice Cream in the WORLD!

We think the best ice cream in the WORLD can be had on 32nd Avenue, between Clay and Bryant, at the Red Trolley, in the Old Potter’s Highlands district of Denver.  Good coffee too.  I understand they serve other food there as well but I haven’t tried any of it, because…well, because – BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD!

As to the best FLAVOR, honey lavender is nice, though my eldest son insists it has to be something with chocolate.

Where do you think the best ice cream in the world can be had?  What’s your favorite flavor?


7 thoughts on “Best Ice Cream in the WORLD!

  1. Deborah

    Thanks for the tip — next time I’m in Denver, I’ll be sure to try their ice cream. From my perspective, there is a lot of great ice cream out there. I quite like Baskin Robbins (I grew up with it, so there’s a nostalgia factor if nothing else, and so many flavors!), and I’m fond of quite a few store-bought ice cream varieties (my favorite these days is Edy’s, which has very tasty low-fat varieties). But for pure ice cream decadence, nothing beats gelato from a real, Italian gelateria. We have two places near us that serve excellent gelato, so if you ever come visit, I know where to take you!

  2. Tracy

    Honey Lavender sounds lovely — I keep thinking it must be the flavor that angels eat. 🙂

    There is a limoncello gelato I get at Mangia e Bevi here. It is served in a champagne glass, with swirls of limoncello all through it. It comes with a very long-handled spoon. That might be my favorite. Or it might be just about any ice cream eaten outside on a hot day alongside a good friend or family member. 🙂

  3. rjjs8878

    I’m partial to Bonnie Brae Ice Cream on University in South East Denver (in the Bonnie Brae neighborhood). I used to like Liks on 13th but I haven’t had their ice cream in years. I really don’t have a favorite flavor. I’ll have to check out Red Trolley.

    1. momsomniac

      Ah yes, Liks. We used to stop by there after my ob/gyn appointments while I was pregnant. I used to lived in that neighborhood too. I was around when they changed the name to Liks (I don’t remember what it was before though) and put up the 1st Liks sign – that double scoop cone that didn’t EXACTLY look like it was meant to represent ice-cream…

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