More Lost (Than Ever) – Daniel Faraday

Today, I am very Wiki-linky, all the way up to the end.

Now, okay, so according the episode recaps, Daniel says “Long time, no see” to Miles when he gets off the sub at the end of “Some Like it Hoth.”  On my TV, there was a read smear of light, then everything went black.  I figured, after reading the recaps, that it was just my TV crapping out.  But then, during the preview for NEXT week, the same thing happened when Daniel spoke.

Did anyone else see this?  Obviously, if it was just my TV, it would not ONLY happen during Lost when Daniel was on screen.  So it must be a clue and…

As we *ALL* know Faraday’s Constant is F = 96 485.339 9(24) C/mol  (ish)and we know *ALL* know what a redshift is…

So electromagnetism is the key, but how? Will it even make sense when we know? I hope it does, because, well, because I need it to make sense.

Since the Biblical Daniel survived his trip to the Lion’s Den and got back to being the king’s most trusted advisor, I am guessing we’ll have this character to the end, which is good for a very serious reason…

because, with all of the attractive actors on this show, it’s the scrawny, greasy-haired guy, who is always wearing a bad 80s tie that really GETS to me.


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