Lost -The Variables – and – Enterprise – Fusion

Lost, the Variables, Daniel Faraday. Well, crap.

Anyone have any thoughts on this ep? I am wondering if electro-magnetism will be used as a “magic wand” to explain all of the unique properties of the island. That would be disappointing.

I also am wondering if some people’s powers will be explained by them having existed at different ages at the same time, then having their older self die. I hope not – it does not bode well for Miles or Hurley, who are pretty entertaining characters. And of course, I wonder what would be important enough for anyone to send their son to a certain death?

I did like the “I’m your son” line, and was thinking of how it was a nice reverse-reference to Star Wars (I’m your father). Lots of Star Wars references in this series, but possibly just for the writer’s entertainment. Your thoughts?

In other TV gluttony, I recently saw the Enterprise episode “Fusion.” In this ep, T’Pol initially agrees to a mind-meld, not fully understanding what she has agreed to, then withdraws consent. The melder forces her to continue. I thought ep worked well in the way the original Star Trek did – in using alien interactions as metaphors for serious social problems.

I think that science fiction is a wonderful tool for this. What do you think? And if you saw “Fusion”, what were your thoughts on this ep?

FYI – anyone suggesting that T’Pol “asked for it” will be summarily deleted, as the metaphor here is pretty clear. This is a safe space.


2 thoughts on “Lost -The Variables – and – Enterprise – Fusion

  1. Charlie

    Clearly there is much to catch up on Lost-wise. I haven’t seen anything since Season 2 (Season 3 is in the Netflix queue…)

    Enterprise?… meh… it never really caught my attention, so I gave up watching it after the beginning of Season 2. Something about Scott Bakula as the captain of a starship sets my teeth on edge. I’m willing to believe it’s just me, though.

    My current TV drug of choice is Fringe — Walter Bishop has become my new favorite character. Looking forward to seeing Leonard Nimoy in the season finale.

    1. You know, I felt that way about Enterprise when it first came out too. But recently I needed a low-key sci-fi show to work out to, and I remembered that I HATED TNG when it first came out as well. So I TiVo’d Enterprise for my work-out and was hooked within 3 episodes. I still think it’s too bad about the theme song. ; )

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