K will be on his way to Seoul next Wednesday. It didn’t work out to send us on frequent flyer miles – too much longer to wait. Youngest son will be with us in 1 week and 4 days. Not that I’m counting.

I will stay here, start my leave, and get M ramped up to be super excited about being a big brother.

Once C is home, I want to work on some nicknames to use here for all of my boys. And ideas from those of you who know K and M?


8 thoughts on “Seoul

  1. Charlie

    That is AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!! (of course, I don’t need to tell *you* that…)

    I’ll get to work on nicknames, but my own experience is that they’ll happen on their own… which is probably how nicknames like, “Stinky,” “Shorty,” and “mush mouth” came into being…


    1. Charlie,

      Yes, indeed. But these are just for Mom to use on her blog, so she can stop calling them letters. M is a party loving boy, but “Party Boy” isn’t really something I want to call my 4-year-old! K’s nickname should probably be about coffee!

  2. Charlie


    K possibilities: The Encaffeinated One, Jitters, Joe to Go (combines coffee and his tendency to go for a jog…)

    M possibilities: Jitters-in-Training, Jitterbug, Big Brother, or M.C. (’cause it has a variety of possible meanings like Master of Ceremonies or—perhaps my favorite—”Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas…”)

    There may be more rattling around my brain, but the neurons are beginning to mis-fire…

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