The play room is clean! Our lesson for today, over and over, was “If you clean up your toys every day, Mommy can play with you more.”

There are still things I could do, that I want to do, like organize my CDs that were all over, now that I have my library/music room with my CD player where I can reach it (yes, I know, I am archaic, but it’s free to be that way).

I also want to try to put M’s games back together, now that I have gathered cards, etc., from all over the house. And I wonder where the missing block and puzzle triceratops middle can possibly be…

But the only things I NEED to do are get sheets for the co-sleeper and bottles (hand-me-downs from O’s Mama) out of my trunk, cleaned, and put away…Mr. Coffee and C come home on Tuesday!

Of course, there’s the new load(s) of laundry M and I have created since I conquered laundry mountain too.

But these things I NEED to do I can handle and play with M too! Those things I want to do can be done in the wee hours, while I drink my joe, over the next…millenia….

I have cleaned out the crud that was coating the inside of the fridge. Had to take a pass on the freezer, mostly because I don’t know how old most of the stuff in there is – I don’t want to throw out perfectly good food! Oh yeh, except for the 2 year old fish. I threw that out. I am pooped! I think it was the fish that put me over (*kidding*).

Mr. Coffee and I have differing ideas of things that need to be done on a regular basis – in his at-home Dad duties, he usually does lots of laundry, vacuums, and cleans the boys bathroom. But things like wiping down the fridge shelves…well, I am not sure what level of nastiness would be required before he’d even notice.

Still, he’s a good Dad, he works hard, AND he’s delivering our youngest son! So, I have conquered excess housework, lived to see another day, and I think I’ll keep him!

I sure am glad I’m on leave though! I believe I’ll have a cocktail now. Cheers!


4 thoughts on “whoopee!

  1. Tracy

    Woo-hoo! This is great! I am so happy for you that you’ve gotten it all done! All meaning the “needs”, because that’s the only sane and fair way to do it with kids. šŸ™‚

  2. rjjs8878

    I hate cleanign the refrigerator. I especialy hate when K puts a beer in freezer for cooling and forgets about it. Nothing like scraping frozen beer off the inside of the freezer.

    1. I just hate a dirty fridge. K does know that beer comes in bottles now, right? ; )

      I didn’t even try to do the freezer! I am about as done as I am gonna get with all this frantic housework! I am much more a “do it as I go” kind of person, mostly because it was my responsibility to keep the house clean from about age 7 up. (my sister may disagree with this but if she thinks hard, she might remember that her responsibilty was to get her sister to do stuff for her;)

      SO, you know, letting it pile up like this makes me all crazy@!

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