Do I Sound Different?

M turned 5 on Tuesday. When he woke up that morning, he asked “Mommy, does my voice sounds different?”
“Why, yes, I think it DOES sound a little different,” I told him.
“Do I look taller?” he asked.
“Why yes, I believe you ARE a little bit taller,” I told him.

“Am I taller than J- now that I’m 5?” he asked. I reminded him that people come in all sizes, so he might NOT be taller than J- (who we will see at the big birthday blow-out this Saturday, and who M may never exceed in height).

Before M went to bed that night, he walked around saying over and over “I’m 5” with wonder; as if it were a milestone he hadn’t been sure he’d reach.

Mom and Dad gave him a bike (“I just can’t believe it!”) and his little brother gave him a Transformer, with a little help from Dad. He rode the bike very briefly – he told me he was so fast, I just couldn’t see him. He was willing to put on shoes and a helmet right off, but we kind of had to convince him that he had to put on some clothing as well (it’s very hot right now and I don’t blame him for trying).

The big party – the one with J- approaches. M makes his own guest list (though he sometimes want to leave off girls his Mom won’t let him leave off – since he has known them since birth and LIKES them, they’re just *sigh* girls. We’ll have snacks and turn the sprinklers on and let the kids run around the yard and get super wet and dirty. So far, so good – I don’t think he’ll ever expect ponies or clowns, since he plans his own parties, and that sort of birthday madness is happily passé. But you know – I think these kids enjoy getting to roll around in mud puddles MORE anyway…


4 thoughts on “Do I Sound Different?

  1. Denise

    I wish I was there today to spend another birthday with M, especially such a large one as his number 5. I miss you guys so much and love you all even more.

  2. Tracy


    My kids could often used to “run so fast I couldn’t see them!” I love that you do parties at home. The trend here now is to have a big party somewhere other than home. I do home parties for my kids, but few of their friends do! A party outside with the sprinkler sounds great! How’d it go?

    1. momsomniac

      Winter parties elsewhere make sense to me, but we have this great big yard with all kinds of fun things to do, and both our boys are summer birthdays. This way, we can do a BIG blow-out for our party boy, M! We’ll see what C wants when he is old enough to start making a guest list (4), but he seems pretty social as well.

      It went GREAT!

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