Things I Like – Blogs

For awhile, I am going to post about things I like…

I have had a hard time finding blogs (other than my friends’) where I am at ease. I want to find things to read that challenge and broaden me, or comfort and affirm me – without coddling to my weaknesses. I also want places to read where the commenters aren’t a problem.

Here are a couple of blogs I really like:
The Angry Black Woman
The original ABW, K. Tempest Bradford, and the guest posters share some eye-opening personal feelings, experiences, and thoughts. The commenters at this site tend to be kind and willing to engage. And all one has to do is treat the blog owner and guest posters with a modicum of respect (imagine that 🙂 ). Best feature (for me) is that almost all of the people who post here are science fiction fans and science fiction writers. Check out Ms. Bradford’s heart-breaking Elan Vital, written in memory of her mother. This is a story for anyone who has ever lost someone dear to them slowly, epsecially if the resources to care for that person were scarce. No really, go read it.

Another blog I like is Education and Class. . Anyone who knows me doesn’t have to be told why I like this one. Sometimes, it’s just nice not to have to explain where you’re coming from and simply have that understood….


2 thoughts on “Things I Like – Blogs

  1. Denise

    I believe you are doing a very good job with your boys. You are learning as you go and actually listening to them, something that we weren’t really granted when we were children. We know our parents did the best they knew how and now you are doing a much better job than our parents did. We all contiue to grow and learn everyday and often times we learn the most from the young. You have two and soon three teachers in your house to teach you some of the most wonderful things to come for your life!!!

    I love you very much.

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