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First, if you haven’t seen it, I’d like to direct you to my newish link – over there on your left. My second publication. Some folks ask me if I am OK after they read this piece. I consider this a compliment to my writing…and I’m fine (or as fine as a sick 44 year old 9 month pregnant woman with gestational diabetes and severe anemia ought to be).

I first drafted this story decades ago – in highschool. It disappeared along with all my other stories (and only MY stories) when my English teacher quit. My sister thinks I should search to see if he published it as his, but I don’t even remember his name. Besides, it has changed quite a bit since then. During the intervening decades, I lived for 6 years in an apartment in the red-light district of my city and that, I think, made it more real.

As for my OTHER stories that disappeared with that teacher – well, if memory serves, they were a teenage girl’s colorful, romantic retellings of D&D games. If he was able to do something with THAT, then bully for him.

Anyway, I am excited about this second publication. These are still non-pro (not even semi-pro) zines, but they do count as publications. Though I have yet to make a nickel, these are not VANITY publications (where YOU pay to get your work in press). Vanity press is frowned upon by professional editors. Non-pro, well, they either don’t care or consider it a good sign. It’s not easy to get published, even when there are no $ in it….

I am going to post resolutions next, unless I am having a baby. Then, the break will resume. Three sons under the age of 6, a full-time job, and my Mr. Coffee keep me awfully tapped out….


2 thoughts on “My Nifty News – Free On the Green

    1. Momsomniac

      Yep, it was “our” LHHS. I used to get applause for my stories in that class. I sat behind Yatin. I am sure he recognized himself in those D&D stories. At least, I hope he did.

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