Welcome Home Baby

On Saturday, at 10:05, little K joined our family. He weighed 8 pounds, 8 ounces and was 21.5 inches long.

He was born via repeat Cesarian. My first (unplanned) C-Section ~ which brought us M – my big guy – was so traumatic, and felt so out of my control, that I went to this one certain I would die. I had hoped for VBAC this time but decided, with my doctors, if I got to the surgery date, I’d go ahead as I was facing many other health issues in this pregnancy.

The second surgery couldn’t have been more different from the first ~ different practice, different hospital, and really, in as much as surgery can be positive, this one was. My anesthesiologist during this surgery was a gift from God. She was amazing.

I will never know for sure if we did the right thing when I had M, but K had such low blood sugar when he was born that I feel secure that we did the right thing this time. He is beautiful, as are all of my sons. We KNEW he wouldn’t look like C (who we adopted) – he wouldn’t have black hair, deep brown eyes, or adorable blue birthmarks. But we were surprised at how unlike M he is. M has dark olive skin, delicate features, black eyelashes out to here. K is big, pink, and sooo blonde that you can barely see his lashes or brows. He looks like a bear cub!

M has been AMAZING with K. C – at only 19 months old, has been…all right, alternating between petting the baby and pinching, poking, pulling. Thankfully, my Mom is here right now, and she and C are simpatico, so he’s getting a world’s worth of attention from her. She leaves this Sunday and we sure will miss her. Hopefully, MIL can come soon and help as well.

Speaking of which, the baby is crying…so I am off


4 thoughts on “Welcome Home Baby

  1. adjunctmom

    I tried to leave this comment earlier and failed utterly.

    YAY, Baby!!!!

    I’m so glad he’s here and that you and he are both doing well.

    I’m also so glad that his birth was better for you and for him.

  2. ALSuperMom

    CONGRATULATIONS! I have been absent for a while; please forgive me! I had some surgery (and before that, there was mentally, emotionally, and “clean the house first” preparation). I am so happy that you and baby are fine! I love you and I wish you all the best!

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