I Do All My Own Stunts ~ Stupid Mommy Tricks

Ta Da
I Do All My Own Stunts

Some days I think I was really not cut out for this. Today is my first full day on my own with C and little K (M and Mister Coffee are skiing, but that’s another tale).

This morning, with K in the Baby Bjorn and C in the high chair, I emptied and refilled the dishwasher, then cleaned up the evidence of Mr. Coffee making last night’s dinner. I was feeling pretty smug.

I continued feeding K “on demand” – which currently means every hour on the the hour (he’s a big boy with a big appetite). I was abusing Yo Gabba Gabba, but if you can’t turn to DJ Lance Rock when you are overwhelmed, who can you turn to?

So I was stressed but things were going well until lunch time. I put K in the Baby Bjorn again, took down the baby gate, and told C it was time to eat. C decided to take a detour on the way to his high chair. When I took his hand to lead him, he threw himself down. Now, I am not fully healed from the C-Section, and I am not supposed to pick him up, but at times it can’t be helped. And this was one of those times.

Without thinking about the Baby Bjorn, I bent to pick C up. He continued to have his tantrum and I went over – C on the bottom, baby in the middle, me on top!

Dear God! As it turned out, all were OK – K did not cry at all, C cried for a few minutes, and I checked out everyone’s head, belly, and chest ~ then hyperventilated for awhile before I left a message for the on-call doctor.

He called me back, calmed me down, told me what to look for in case of injury, and comfirmed that the kids were probably fine. Okay. Okay. Okay.

Because C had been standing by me saying “Hewwo? Hewwo?” while I was on the phone, I handed it over to him after I hung up, thinking I could calm down while he played with it.

A few minutes later, I saw we had an incoming call from the police. “Ma’am” the officer said, “We just received a 911 call from this residence.”


6 thoughts on “I Do All My Own Stunts ~ Stupid Mommy Tricks

  1. ALSuperMom

    I am glad that you, baby, and toddler are fine. Please be super careful! As I have learned, good Moms are irreplaceable.

  2. Tracy

    LOL Okay, I am going to be laughing over this for days! (Just to be clear, I obviously wouldn’t be laughing if anyone had actually gotten hurt.) I have definitely found that any smugness on my part as a mom tends to be short-lived! But hey, when things are going right, we CAN be proud because it really does take a lot of effort (and some luck) to get everything running smoothly! And those times like you just described … well if we don’t laugh, we’ll go crazy, right?? The 911 call-back at the end was really the tipping point — you know, where you go from I-can’t-believe-how-badly-things-are-going to okay-that’s-it-I’m-done-trying-to-make-things-perfect-and-now-we-just-have-to-LAUGH!!

    1. Well, the 911 call was funny! We figured he was calling to report me.

      That night, I put on Yo Gabba Gabba again while I nursed the baby down. Now, I KNOW that when a show ends, after awhile the TV will switch to live TV on the channel it’s on. I heard Yo Gabba Gabba go off, but I didn’t get up, which means that when I went back in the room, C was in the corner crying and “Stargate Universe” was on. It could have been something worse, but still…I turned it off, cuddled him, got him bathed and into bed. Then I sat next to him (he still can’t go to sleep alone) and started to cry. I didn’t know if I should feel nice or awful when, in response to my tears, he reached out, patted my arm, and took my hand.

      *sigh* This job ain’t for sissies.

      1. Tracy

        Oh, that is so sweet! What C did, I mean, when you cried. You are obviously teaching him well, and being very sensitive to HIS needs. 🙂 That tv show ending reminds me of a conversation my sister and I once had about Dora. Do your kids ever watch that? At the end of every show, they sing the “We did it” song in celebration. During the show, we used to run around as fast as we could getting stuff done, and both of us always heard the “We did it” song come on with dismay — “What? They did it ALREADY??” knowing that our time was up!

        And you are right — no sissies in the Mommy club. 😉

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