Lost the Final Season

I have a drawing I really need to get up for TV Glutton, but for now, let’s make do with Miles from Lost.

I didn’t post on last season’s finale because I found it so damn dissapointing. The only high points for me were:
* Seeing Rose and Bernard (and Vincent) and
* Miles walking up to the “regulars” to say something like “This thing you are trying to prevent – have you considered that you might be causing it? Well, as long as you’ve thought it through.”

Juliet with the emotional maturity of a 15 year old, wanting to prevent her tragic love? Bleh. Kate leaving her son (and dammit, yes, after 3 years, Aaron was her son) sleeping in a hotel room (I don’t care that she just told the grandmother he was there)? Meh…and totally didn’t buy it. And what the hell did Jack want his old life back for? And so on. And so forth.

This season is definitely better. And I am relieved that with the last episode it is made clear that we aren’t really supposed to buy the whole good vs. evil thing. I mean, evil seems evil all right. But good? Jacob didn’t do some of these folks any favors. His followers kidnapped Walt (and 2 other kids). They tortured people. They made a muderous deal with Michael so he could save his son. And so on. And so forth.

I do wonder if I will get the answers that I want in this final season.

~ Why was Walt so special?
~ Why did Rose recognize the sound of the smoke monster? (I suppose you could claim she knew the sound of death).
~ What are the numbers? (Jacob “has a thing about numbers” doesn’t satisfy me)
~ Why are people who were not listed destined to keep coming back to the island (Lepetus).
~ Who was the guy in the psych ward who gave Hugo the numbers…
And where’s Vincent?


2 thoughts on “Lost the Final Season

    1. So…what are you wondering about? I mean, other than “will we get to see Richard/Ricardus semi-naked in the next episode”? What? You weren’t thinking that? Hmmm, maybe that was me….

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