6 thoughts on “Well, Is It?

  1. rjjs8878

    I would think so. I’ve worked with some very competitive people over the years that at times made questionable decisions to get ahead. I imagine people like this would push their kids to join a lot of activities even if the kids were not interested. In the long run I think it would have a negative impact on the kids.

    1. Good to hear someone else thinks so. I’ll have to tell details privately sometime. For now, let’s just say –
      1) I have been dealing with someone who I thought was being bizarre and erratic, then I realized that she thinks we’re in a competition;
      2) It’s over something about which people should NEVER compete; and
      3) It explains a lot.

  2. Tracy

    I think it’s absolutely possible to be competitive to the point of it being unhealthy, for a person and for their kids. The why behind it I can only guess at since I’m not that way, but doesn’t it seem like it might stem from insecurity? I think if someone is super-competitive and expects their kids to be likewise that they would have to be very careful not to send the message to their kids that they are only worth loving if they win. You know?

    Also, I have had that weird experience of realizing that someone is competing with me, when I hadn’t realized we were in that kind of situation! It is bizarre.

    1. Can you say what your relationship was with that person?

      It’s freaky for me any time I realize I’m “competing” for something that isn’t something people should compete for! Heck, I won’t event compete for possession of a ball. I’m only competitive at Scrabble. ; )

      1. Tracy

        It’s happened several times with random people about things like kids hitting certain milestones. I’m sure you know what I mean, when someone is thinking that their kids’ developmental progress (like for walking, talking) reflects a lot on their parenting, and then if their kid was faster to progress than yours, than they must be better parents. But then, I quit thinking that my parenting prowess had much to do with it at all after kid 2, so the competition really doesn’t grab me! 🙂

        Other than that, say with my mother-in-law, it’s harder to explain, but what comes to mind would be something that feels like a sort of I’m-more-on-top-of-things-than-you-are sort of thing. Like, often when I’m right about to say or do something, she’ll either say it first or point out that it needs to be done. It happens so consistently that all I can figure is that she has noticed that I’m right about to say or do it already, and she just wants to beat me to the punch. It’s weird, and slightly exhausting!

        1. Oh yes, the parent competition – somehow I have managed to become immune to that; I don’t even notice it anymore. That’s one of the best things about having multiple kids, isn’t it? You’re just too busy!!!

          Now, competitive MILs…

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