The Grace of God

Several weeks ago, the pastor at our church gave a sermon, the gist of which was:  though we are called upon by our faith to do good works, we are saved by the Grace of God alone. 

Last year, a young Iraqi woman with whom I work told me that, in her culture, all children are considered to be gifts from God.  Then she giggled, rolled her eyes, and added “especially boys”.  She went on to tell me that my surprise pregnancy with K was my “thank you gift” from God – for parenting a child who had no parents.  It was said so sweetly…and it is not appropriate for me to share C’s birth story…so I just smiled.

I shared this thought with Mr. Coffee, who also found it to be sweet.  But when he tried to share it, the responses were less positive.  Maybe what wasn’t clear is that we do not believe we deserve thanks for adopting C.  We do not think he’s “lucky”.  We’re the lucky ones.  We know it.  And that is what makes this so sweet….

…because – though we had done nothing to deserve it – God gave us this gift. 

For me, thinking of it as a “thank you” made it more profound.  Though I believe in Divine Forgiveness, I try to live my life in balance.  For any ill I know I have committed, I try to do an equal good.  And yet, God thanked me when I deserved no thanks.  So this gift, to me, is the undeniable confirmation that I will always be indebted to God, no matter what I do.  And while it may be hard to understand if one is not a person of Faith, that is a wonderful thing.

K turned one last week.  I am so, so grateful he is here.

Here is the sermons:  sermon


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