Looking Back Ahead

It’s been a decade since the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  Like most, I recall exactly where I was and what I was doing that day.  I started the day strangely disconnected – I was grieving something and someone else and had no idea what was happening until about noon MST.  I thought the world had ended.

Then, after some time passed, I thought “Now, we know how the rest of the world feels” and “This will lead to the President insisting on a serious re-evaluation of our foreign policy in the Middle East”.  Yes, I am aware that I am naive, and though I didn’t personally support that particular President, at that point in his tenure, I would have pointed out how wise his appointment of advisors had been.  Whether he listened to any of those advisors – or only one of them – is something those who were not in the room with him will never really know.

Our country changed that day and so did I, but in retrospect and long-term, I was more personally shaken by the attack on the Federal Building in Oklahoma City and the Columbine Massacre.  I could write about why, but today is not the day for that.  This week, as people around the world reflect on the 9/11 attacks, I simply want to be quiet, to be still, and to pray for more peaceful resolution of conflicts between people in the future.  I only hope that, if local memorializing includes low flying jets over my (nowhere near the airport) neighborhood next year,  we get some sort of PSA.  Clutching my babies in terror while I wonder why that plane sounds so close may help me empathize with those whose neighborhoods were effected, but it cannot really help me understand the feelings of those were personally affected.  And I’d rather skip it in 2012.

For now, and most likely for the rest of this week, I will leave you with these posts from two blogs I follow.  Only one of them actually reflects on 9/11.  Both of them reflect on life.  I admire both of these women, their dedication to their personal Truths, and their willingness to share their journeys:

JannaT reflects on 9/11 and how life moves forward here.

Adjunct Mom reflect on life and her profoundly moving journey as a mother here.


4 thoughts on “Looking Back Ahead

  1. I’m with you in praying for more peaceful resolutions to conflict. I second the motion to ‘cool the jets’. We have fighter jets fly over several times a a week and you definitely know when they’re around. They don’t scare my kids – I’m sorry yours react so strongly. I know that must be hard on you.

    Thanks for the link back and for sharing your thoughts on 9-11. Maybe one day you’ll share more about how Oklahoma City affected you…

    1. We’ve have had fly-overs by jets before, but nothing like this. It truly sounded like the plane was going to crash/land, if not on our house, very nearby. And we don’t live far from the Federal Center, so…

      All in all, it seems like a very odd way to commemorate the day, considering what happened.

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