Ball Your Socks

From the department of utterly random…

Balling your socks…I am all for it.  You know, the process whereby you line up a pair of socks so the tops are even, then roll the stretchy top of one over the other and push them into a ball.  I actually had to take off my socks and do it to figure out how to describe it; I have been doing it for so long.

My Mr. Coffee says it destroys the grippy tops of the socks.  I never had this problem in the 40 years I have been doing it, but even if he is right…if I have to spend one minute looking for socks every day, that’s 7 minutes per week. That’s 28 minutes per month….or 5.6 hours per year (roughly).  In my next decade, that would be 56 hours spent looking for socks – 56 hours that could have been spent doing something fun.  Like napping.

I know, I know, I dropped a few days to make the math simpler.  Let’s assume I found the mate sock easily on those days.  In any event, I’d rather buy the occasional new pair of socks.

How about you? Do you ball your socks?  Why or why not?


12 thoughts on “Ball Your Socks

  1. I, like Mr. Coffee, have a fear of ruining my socks forever by balling them. However, after trial and error with other methods – that aren’t as effective and are more time consuming – I have decided it is the easiest way to pair them. And, so far, I have never experienced this feared phenomena, at least not before the socks were so disgusting they should be thrown out anyway!

  2. Socks like to be cozy with their mate – I ball mine up. I get holes in the heels way before the elastic goes, so it’s never been an issue for me, either. I have to be careful if I don’t put them away immediately, because cats like to steal them (and feed them to the (dust) bunnies under the couch.)

  3. Of course I ball my socks. Is there any other way of doing socks? Oh wait, I live with you and Mr. Coffee now so I see that there is this funky way of doing socks. If you want your socks balled, just let me dog your stinky laundry and I’ll ball all your socks for you, hang your clothes, AND leave them in your closet for you! I mean, I am getting free room and board. Balling your socks is the least I can do!!!!

  4. It takes just as much time to ball the socks coming out of the dryer as it does to match them when I need them. (This from the person who doesn’t fold laundry much at all, I admit.) What I do is buy each person in the family ONE KIND of socks, and one kind only. I wear white. My husband wears black. My son wears white. All socks go in each person’s sock drawer. So all I have to do to find socks is reach in my sock drawer and pull out two socks. They always match. Easy!

    1. For me, it takes SO much less time to do it at the dryer. Plus, my 3 & 7 year-old sons think it’s a really fun “game” (shhh, don’t tell). Otherwise, I am trying to locate mated socks only to turn around and find the 3 year old got bored and decided to remove his pants…and we’re due somewhere in 20 minutes. (Why are parents of toddler never on time? Because we thought we’d bring our kids in clothes: )

      All the same socks would resolve it, and my husband buys me the same pair of socks every Christmas too – perhaps in an effort to sway me that way. But I will not be assimilated. ; )

  5. My dad used to have something called the “Lost Sock Bucket” and after every load of laundry the unmated socks would get tossed in there. At the end of the month sometimes you could make a couple pairs and we always balled them together. I didn’t even know there were other methods to pairing socks, hahaha. A friend of mine doesn’t even bother pairing hers. She just wears mismatched socks every day, and doesn’t give a damn. I’m so proud of her.

    1. I don’t think there are other methods for pairing them, other than folding them, which is what my husband does. Inevitably, they become unpaired. 🙂

      I like the lost sock bucket!

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