Well, hello there…

It’s good for me to reflect upon the year, because otherwise,  I will focus on what I did not accomplish. So now that we are full-tilt into 2012, I am deep in thought about 2011.

In 2011, I took a break from sending out my fiction for “consideration” and self-published my very excellent science-fiction novella (what?), The Pied Piper of St. May on Amazon and Barnes&Nobles.  It’s a mere 99 cents and it’s a quick read, so you really ought to go get it.  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? 

(What do you mean I must be spending lots of time with a three-year old?  How can you tell?)

If you’d like to read it and don’t have a Nook or  Kindle, you can download the Kindle cloud reader software to your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or Android Phone for free here)

I didn’t like the first cover I painted for the novella, but am pretty happy with the one I drew last month. I owe that one to my friend Heidi who inspired me with an adult outing to an art opening (yay!).  Starting with the birth of M in 2004 and ramping up with the addition of C in 09 and K in 10, I didn’t go much of anywhere, other than work, without the kids for a long, long time.

So 2012 is off to a big start.

Side note: If you have an aversion to self-published work, you can read my short story “And the Moon Waits” for free at Ranfurly Review.  I inadvertently took down the link in the side-board thingy.

I stayed employed in 2011 and will be happy to do the same in 2012.  It’ll be my 10th anniversary in my place of employment this year. Pretty cool, huh?  Switching places with Mr. Coffee could be cool too; I miss my kids when I am at the office. So if he gets an awesome offer, we’ll see. But as long as one of us has gainful employment, I’m good for 2012.  I have more goals and resolutions for 2012, but it’s all boring stuff about health and weight and self-image.  And yes, I’ll wax poetic about it one day, but this is not that day.

Early this year, I set up a public Facebook Page.  There’s not a lot there you won’t see here….yet.  But it’s Facebook, which is deliciously addictive, so come on by and LIKE it.  You know you want to (pleeeeeeeeeeease?) The whining is still working, right?  If the link doesn’t work – and sometimes it does not – you can search “Momsomniac” and I’ll be there. I’ll play Scrabble with you too, if you want.  I will not, however, play Mafia Wars or Added Responsibility for Care of Imaginary Plants and/or Animals.

I also got up new storefronts featuring my art at CafePress and Zazzle.  I am Momsomniac’s Art and Whimsy at CafePress.  That name shows up at Zazzle too, though I am “Auntie Sparrowhawk” over there (hi Q!).  You can find me at either place by search “Momsomniac”.

I thought I’d invest in the “Momsomniac” domain this year, but another person* on WordPress recently bought that (like, last week), so I’ll be staying Momsomniac dot WordPress dot com, unless a personal web page starts to make sense.  My funds are limited and my birth and married names are already attached to my art and writings (buckheister for art, db mcneill for fiction & poetry), so while another “Momsomniac” on WordPress surprised me, I’ll take it as it comes…just like everything else in life. I’ve survived the loss of my first great dream, homelessness, abusive relationships, poverty, being hit by a drunk driver, working in labs, marrying late in life to a man as set in his  ways as I am, unexpected C-Sections as well as the adoption process, and extended nursing and co-sleeping.  I think I can handle this. I certainly hope so.

*Yet another side note: She seems to be a very nice person, so no bashing please. It’s been my name on the internet since ’09, and until last week, all but the two hits for “Momsomniac Support Group” were me if you Googled “Momsomniac”, but it’s not like she’s pretending to be me. I am going to tell myself I’m trend-setting, because two of us make a trend now, right? ;).

And now, I best get back to work….though now that I realize how much I’ve already done in 2012, a cup of coffee may be in order.  As well as storytime and messy kid hugs, because ultimately that’s what everything I do is about.  And, of course, you too. All of you. I love you all!


How’d you do in 2011? Are you happy with what you accomplished? Or was it a year you simply needed to live through? (I suspect we all have those) What are your hopes for 2012?  How’s it going so far?


6 thoughts on “Well, hello there…

  1. Cathryntd

    Loving your accomplishments, Lady! You are so talented.

    For me, 2011 saw the addition of education, a bit of domestic travel, and a few new connections. I’m hoping for a couple more certifications and a food-related cottage business (if things like that get legal in these parts) this year. Hoping for visits to friends, new clients, more muscle, and meaning in the upcoming year.

    Keep those many talents flowing!

    1. Hmmm…I’d like to hear about that. And good question. I had hoped to relieve some post C-Section belly but 3 months of crunches and salads = 8 pounds of weight gain, so I better not wait. I’ll shoot you an email next week. My address book is at work so I am not 100% sure but I don’t think I have your #.

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