the understandyness of time

What a day it’s been.  What a week.  What a month.

If I were to complain, you might cut me off and say “I understand” which we all know isn’t understandy at all.  It’s the verbal equivalent of a b*tch slap.  And yes, understandy is totally a word. And no, I don’t usually curse on my blog. Feel free to tell me I am a worthless human being.  Take a number.  I understand…

…because it’s not getting rear-ended last month by some dude talking on his cell phone that’s gotten to me.  And it’s not that cell-phone guy totalled my reliable old Subaru that’s got me on edge.

It’s not the mild injury or the rigmarole with insurance.  All of that is going surprisingly well.  And its only taken about 3 days worth of my time to get it to go well.  And by 3 days, what I mean is 72 hours….


…It’s not the $ the rental car agency charged me for insurance I didn’t need – you know, the $ they said they’d put on hold on Saturday and remove on Monday if it turned out I didn’t need it…

…It’s not my interaction with the “smooth” manager I talked to there.  After only about an hour’s worth of calls, in theory, this has been resolved.  Though for some reason, it will take two weeks for them to refund me.  I can’t help wondering if they’re assuming  I’ll forget.  But no. It’s not that either (though I’m watching you, Hertz Rental Car).

It’s not the other rigmarole with my other insurance declining to pay me my money out of my FSA, because the word “lunch” precedes the word “bunch” in the description of the 11:30-1:00 time slot my 3-year-old spends at pre-school. Nevermind that for the two years my oldest was in this school, this descriptor was never an issue.  Nevermind that it was not an issue last semester.  And hey, it only took about 3 hours of my time to get that resolved.

It’s not that my doctor charged the wrong insurance for my exam after the accident, though I provided the Auto Insurance Med Pay information – and they took it.  I probably only have 2-12 hours worth of calls there.  After all.

It’s not even the hour-long tantrums C threw several times each day for the two weeks my sister was out of town.  It’s not even that this coincided with super-happy-insurance-fun time. Wine and I got through that just fine.

It wasn’t changing buses three time to go the six miles to work either.  I should thank RTD for giving me the motivation to give up on the bus and walk 2.5 miles to catch the third bus several times a week.

Nope, it’s not any of that.

It’s work that has tapped me out.  And you know what?  Even if a normal person’s head would implode after 2 months (let alone 10 years) doing what I’m going here, given the current state of the economy, I get it.  I wouldn’t want to hear me complain about my great-paying job at a wonderful company with good benefits either.

So, I won’t. I’ll just move along and cry in my wine…over here.

I understand.


9 thoughts on “the understandyness of time

  1. Great news of the morning, ya’ll

    – starting next week, I get to start interacting (again) with someone who is completely bugnuts! Impossible to please! And angry to boot!

    Does someone have something I could add to this coffee hidden in their desk?

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