Good points about many things – I think folks who believe “kids are expensive” might benefit from thinking hard about what she’s saying. Plus…lots of fun ideas too. What’s your favorite free family fun?

Kana Wanders

The other day a blogging-friend (Judy, over at Connecting Dots…to God) posed a question which is plaguing a whole generation of parents. The dilemma? Kid-calendars!

Many kids today have such busy schedules that a person might be forgiven for mistaking a glimpse of their calendars for schedules of heads of state. Even parents who remember their own happy and well-adjusted childhoods full of play have begun to worry that they’re doing their kids a disservice if they don’t keep up with the frantic pace of the “high-mileage mom” next door.

Terms like “hyper-parenting” and “helicopter parenting” are flying around, and emotions and arguments are running hot on both sides of the issue. Some of the statistics on the issue are pretty cut-and-dried, but the interpretation and application of those statistics are anything but. It seems that wherever they stand in their own parenting choices, parents feel “under attack”…

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  1. Interesting article. We allow the kids to enroll in no more than two activities at a time. We can’t handle any more than that – and they haven’t wanted to do that much, anyway. The stuff they’ve chosen so far has been fairly inexpensive. If it changes, we’ll have to discuss.

    There aren’t many free activities around here except for hiking, biking or going to the park. We can find some relatively inexpensive things to do by checking online. During the summer, they have a program where the kids can bowl 2 games a day for free. We can also take them to a public pool for 50 cents each.

    1. Thanks Janna. The thing that struck me was the focus on things like eating dinner outside, doing crafts and playing board games. I grew up very much like that. We also had music lessons and Girl Scouts…and that was it. The board games and crafts are my very best memories of childhood.

      During the school year, we max out at 2 things too! : ) We do a lot through the rec center in the summer and for M and C, we do VBS.

      I know some kids who do many VBS’s in the summer. Our church is happy to have these kids. I assume most other churches are too. And donations are acceptd but not expected. We have neighborhood 3 kids who came to VBS last year who sometimes bring themselves to church now, so it works out.

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