Progress of a Writer?

I recently finished a chapter book for early readers, inspired by my sons.  I’ll be looking for an agent for this one, but only after my editor is finished.  In the meantime, I am enjoying “saving” my old poems, sketches, and song lyrics.  I am scanning yellowed papers with crumbling edges and posting the contents here.  I hope you enjoy them.

This year, I plan to work on my YA novel and maybe a(n already in progress) book of short stories.  If I manage to complete the book of short stories, I may self-publish it.  I am considering self-publishing a book of my poetry too but I worry.  That seems self-indulgent to me.  But I can’t work out why self-publishing poetry feels self-indulgent when self-publishing short stories does not.  What do you think?

So far, I have self-published my novella The Pied Piper of St. May on Amazon and NookI’ve made about $4 and Amazon’s made about $6.  Reviews suggest the handful of people who’ve read it have been pleased with how they spent their 99 cents.  That’s pretty cool.

What are you up to? If you write, do you self-publish?  Why?  Or why not?


4 thoughts on “Progress of a Writer?

  1. I think self-publishing poetry seems self-indulgent because so few people ever buy it. On the other hand, most poetry books are self-published — because so few people buy them and publishers don’t see a profit in it. If you do publish your poems, I’d recommend doing a hard-copy. I can’t imagine anyone buying a book of poems to read digitally, when there’s SO MUCH poetry you can find for free online. The value of the money is to get a nice volume you can curl up with on a rainy day to read a page or two.

    Good luck!

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