New JeffCo BOE

The antics of the new BOE in my district are ticking me off.

So, they didn’t fire her, really. Sounds like they bullied her out.

And clearly plan to replace her with this guy (ONLY candidate)

Despite the teachers having had no pay increases in over five years, we have a great neighborhood elementary school. We have school choice where people can “option” into other Jeffco schools if their neighborhood school doesn’t meet their needs or expectations, and we have a high school that is considered one of the best in the country. And it seems that no one who is ACTUALLY INVOLVED at the schools, liberal or conservative, thinks what the new board is doing is right. It grieves me that these kinds of agendas (and make no mistake, there is an agenda here) are elected into office by people who buy into the liberal vs. conservative screaming heads in the media, by people with no involvement with the schools at the local level. This is not a liberal vs. conservative issue. It is a COMMUNITY issue, and without involvement, one cannot know if schools in ones community need to be reformed.

“Reforming” (by forcing the voucher system into place) award-winning schools that well serve their communities is downright wicked. And I can’t help but think it’s self-serving. Please be clear, I am not saying this is NEVER good idea anywhere. No doubt there places where vouchers are a good idea, but assuming that means it is a good idea everywhere is like assuming, because Fred J. Smith had gangrene and benefitted from amputation of his feet, we should all amputate our feet.

Parents, teachers, and students are making our voices heard, but it seems like the BOE does not care about us. Has something like this happened in your district? How was in handled? What happened?

4 thoughts on “New JeffCo BOE

  1. Cathryn

    Definitely. This is a disappointing confirmation that partisan rhetoric has worked its way into issues at the community level and is being used to advance agendas that are unrelated to the needs and desires of the actual residents of the community! Maddening.

    1. Agreed. I suspect that’s nothing new, and it’s certainly not only one party doing it, but once our children are ill-served, they *have* to know there will be a fight!

      There was a manufacturing facility in my folks home town in South Carolina. Everyone there was fiercely loyal to that company, for years, despite mounting evidence the company was violating environmental regulations. But when there was another “spill” in the local lake that the company said was harmless…and a bunch kids who were swimming that day got rashes, skin peeled off, and several had to be hospitalized, suddenly the fight was on.

      You don’t mess with people’s kids.

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