Creepy Morning, Charming Afternoon

Last night, Son 3 (my 4-year-old) crawled into bed with me and Darth…just like most every night. An hour or so later, I felt Son 2 (now 6) crawling into bed. I grunted and sat up.  No one was there. Seconds later, Son 2 called out, “Mommy, I’m scared.” I stumbled to his room, climbed the ladder to his bed and curled up with him, confused. That’s when I heard Son 1 (10) walking around the room. I sat up.  No one was there.  Seconds later, the dog’s paws click-clicked across the floor.  I did not sit up.  She began to whine.  “Go back to sleep,” I said…and she whined. “Go back to sleep,” I said again, and she whined. The third time, she lay down, sighing, and I lay awake, unable to go back to sleep. I sat up, looked, and the dog was there.

“Do you want to get up?” I asked Son 2. He’s the only morning person in the house; he was game. We climbed out of bed  and the dog herded us down the hall.  The dog is a Golden Retriever (not a herder). Weird.  But she’s old and I figured she needed to pee. Nope.  She had no interest in going outside. So, as Son 2 curled up with a blanket on the couch in our den (which we call “the Sharing Room”), I put on the coffee. I checked on Son 1, who was breathing peacefully.  I checked on Son 3, who having removed his pajamas sometime in the night, was naked, curled up behind Darth. I pulled the cover over him, and rejoined Son 2 to watch the sun rise.

Later, the 5 of us went to Korean School, and then I met my old friend, Joe Flood, who is on a road trip, in Golden for lunch. You should totally check out Joe’s books, though thus far, he has not covered the subject of creepy morning noises.

3 thoughts on “Creepy Morning, Charming Afternoon

  1. The noises are the worst… there’s no convincing them everything’s okay. (The last time my younger son insisted on getting in our bed was when the coyotes were celebrating their kill. It really was a creepy sound 🙂 ) I’m glad your afternoon went well!

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