The Picture Game #1

See prompt, picture, and rules here:

Join me?

Here we go. Wheee….

He’s painting birds to life again, his glass trained to the star of Emros.  He wearing his stupid guitar necklace and the awful owl suit he says is a tribute to the power on-loan to him by God.  On-loan my aching egg-shaped behind.  Stolen, more like it.  And God?  Well, he knows full well the Emrosians aren’t God.  He stole the glass, the device he fashioned into the necklace, all of it.  And me.

But what am I to do? He keeps me tethered, attached to a bulb filled with silver and nitrogen-enriched air, and without that, I am nothing.  I am dead. I am gone.  I don’t want to be gone. So I dutifully refill his paint and bind my time, watching new, oddly unreal sparrows fly out the window as he paints and aims, paints and aims.

One day, the ship will return.  One day.  Or one day he’ll forget to put me in the case where he keeps me when I am not of use, or forget to keep the lid cranked tight.  If anyone found out about me, he’d claim he thought I was an automaton, a robot, unable to know fear and pain. But that too, would be a lie.

He knows.  He has to know.  Otherwise, why would he bother with the opening in the lid of the case?  Why would he bother to slip in the silver, the nitrogen, to keep me, his captive, going?

One of his birds eats its own shit behind me.  He claims creating them to do this means the balance is not upset.  And he looks so serene, painting and aiming.  But it’s a lie.  It’s all a lie.  He loves this power.  Loves it.

One day my family will come back. My Mom and Dad. I miss them so much.  They must be sick with grief.  They were travelling with the Emrosians as a lark.  A lark – ha ha – get it?  So friggin’ funny.  But I know they’ll come back.  They have to.  Or one day, he’ll forget to crank down the lid of the case when he releases the tether to put me inside.  It may be the last thing I do as my silver and nitrogen run out, but I will show him exactly what an Envarian is.  I will show him what I can do.  And I will wipe that serene smirk right off his face.


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