So, my editor-friend will likely have my early reader book back to me soon.  It’s almost summer and her primary gig as a stay-at-home Mom is going to be ramping up soon.  I know I will likely have nothing to do with illustrations if I am successful in finding an agent – and publisher – for this book.  But because I am me, I am illustrating the home copy.  I am planning for black and white drawings for “in chapter” illustrations and colorful paintings as “end tags” to each chapter.  Here’s the first one I’ve finished.



It started when I was pretty young.  I’d sit for hours, painstakingly sketching images from National Geographic, albums, personal photos…  My sister has many of those sketches.  Most are lost to time.

Decades ago, when I started showing my work, I was constantly advised to loosen up my style.  A friend recently commented that he didn’t realize I could do realism.  I guess I loosened up already.  Or maybe I just got lazy.

Since I’ve been unabashedly “saving” the less embarrassing poem and songs from my past, I thought it might be fun to “save” a few of my remaining sketches too.  Though the paper was getting crumbly, a few of them scanned well enough.

This one is of a very glamorous friend of mine from highschool.  Why yes, I did go to highschool in the ’80s.  Why do you ask?


Another old one…circa 1992.  All of this is actually happened…



a poem by d.b. mcneill


I am on your doorstep

in my dream


if you can

disappoint me in the right direction


Under here


There is still more

but wordless


The magician spins

diamonds from her eyes

It’s only rain


Thunder breaks

I awake



there is a man

shouting shut up

at the sky