Trick or Treat!

This morning, C got up early and asked “It night-time yet?  It trick-or-treat yet?”  I had a vision of trick-or-treating before 7 in the morning.  It wasn’t pretty.

Tonight, Mr. Coffee, Harry Potter, Thomas the Train, a frog, and I will go trick-or-treating with a friend who lives in a cul-de-sac a few blocks away.  After a few houses, the frog and I will hop home, hand out treats, and wait for Mr. Coffee to bring Thomas and Harry home.

After that, we usually call it a night, but tonight, if they’re not too cranky, I am going to take Thomas and Harry over to our minister’s house, because he is going to be dressed as DJ Lance.  And I really want to see that.  Plus, I think Thomas is love with his oldest daughter…and yes, she is a much older woman – third grade, I think.

What are you doing tonight?

5 thoughts on “Trick or Treat!

  1. We went trick or treating and handed out candy, of course 🙂 My older son was getting over his sickness, so he handed out candy dressed as a vampire. My younger son charmed extra candy out of people wearing his Spider Man costume.

    I hope you had a fun Halloween. Welcome to November!

    1. I got to finish trick or treating with our “big” kids (ages 7 and 3:) & their friends. Dad took the baby home. This is the first time we’ve switched and I had an absolute BLAST. We did make it up the street to see DJ Lance as well.

      Sounds like your vampire and Spider Man had a good time. I loved handing out candy when I was a kid. I actually stopped trick or treating voluntarily years before my big sister – just I could stay home and do that all night! : )

      I was an odd kid, I know.

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