I have a backlog of posts…all of which can wait a little longer.  What happened here recently has rendered me nearly mute.

What James Holmes did here was monstrous.  As a result, it will explained away by many as the “crazed act of a monster.”  Sadly, it seems much more likely that he was a bright, shy young man…either experiencing a full-scale fall into schizophrenia for the first time or hitting his final screaming wall of instability after a long slow descent into madness.  Modern culture is dehumanizing and isolating, making it easier to tumble into an abyss of one’s own making.

If we reach out to one another, if we help, rather than vilify, those who are disenfranchised, mentally ill, desperate…we will not be able to bring back the 6-year-old girl whose life was brutally and prematurely ended last Friday morning….but maybe we won’t have to mourn for more.



6 thoughts on “silence

    1. I wish I could converse like you do in social settings, so…there you go. HUGS. This is too painful to make sense of in words.

      Do you think we could meet for coffee sometime? We can just skip the shopping.

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